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One of the most mysterious aspects of a fox is its voice.

Based on a set of complex vocal patterns, foxes exhibit some of the most varied calls in the canine kingdom. Few studies have been able to explain them all, but the distinctive "fox scream" in the night is familiar to many.

Because some fox sounds can easily be mistaken for other animals, such as racoons and birds, it's difficult to obtain accurate samples. Here are a few recordings, most from the wild, that show how diverse fox communication can be. Other samples can be found across many Youtube videos.

Excited Fox

Kits at Play

Kit chatter

Kit cry

Adult dispute

Call to family

Territorial reponse

Sound of warning

Foxes in winter

Summoning yell

Fox in a field

Fox in distress






If you can't hear the sounds, try adjusting the volume on your computer. You may also need to install software called QuickTime, which is freely available from